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2019年1月雅思口语新题范文之public holiday

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摘要:2019年1月雅思口语新题范文之public holiday公共假日一文总结了2019年1-4月雅思口语新题公共假日的范文和语料。详细内容请参见下文:

2019年1月雅思口语新题范文之public holiday为你带来19年雅思口语题库的新题part1的公共假日public holiday的口语范文和语料。此话题要求我们描述一个本国的公共假日如春节,国庆节,中秋节等。并且介绍一下在这个节日下人们怎样度过节日。范文和语料请参见下文的内容。


Public holiday

How many public holidays do you have in China?

Do you think people need more public holidays?

How do you usually spend your holidays?

Which holiday is your favorite?







We celebrate a lot of public festivals in my country. I am sure you know about the Spring Festival which is the most important one. In addition, we get together with our family for the Mid-Autumn Day and the National Day.


Yes, there are so many people in my country, it’s really hard to say, probably most people tend to go shopping with families or friends to take advantage of the sales the shops are offering, but personally speaking, I am afraid we don’t celebrate Christmas like the way in Western countries.



Yes, I am fond of holidays. The main factor is that on these days, I don’t have to work and have plenty of time travelling around to unwind myself and also I will have more consecutive time with my family.


I believe my favourite public holiday would be the National Day because I will have at least seven days to go travelling and also it’s the best time to go around, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and the foliage of trees have turned yellow or red, which will give you picturesque views.


It’s kind of hard to say but people that I know around me tend to go shopping with families or friends to take advantage of the sales the shops are offering, but maybe for others, they probably stay at home for resting.


I believe the public holidays are rather important and there should be more of them in my country. The main factor is that people really need unwind themselves without any distractions after tiring work and also public holidays can dramatically boost consumption as the goods will be sold at a discount during these days.




Do you like holidays? Why / why not?

Do you prefer to travel or stay at home during holiday periods? Why?

What do most people do during their holidays in your country? Why?

When do you prefer to take your holidays? Why?





Yes, i like holidays because they're great opportunities to relieve stresses , get away from it all and enjoy the life.


Although sometimes I to stay at home ,being away from home is the prefect plan for any holiday that i make because I love to visit new places and enjoy breathtaking views.


vast majority of them goes to countryside to spend their holidays in picturesque villages,however some people stay at their homes and relax.



i always try to take my vacation out of the season because I don't like to be in tourist trap .


Yes, I do. I love holidays because they are great opportunities for me to wind down, recharge my batteries, get together with my family or hang out with friends.


Well, if the weather is good, I will definitely go outside. I really love nature, so I will have a trip to some rainforests and explore the flora and fauna there. If the weather is bad, I would rather stay home and read books.


I think that young people prefer to hang out with friends, go shopping or go to the cinema. Some people who love travelling may want to go to the beach or somewhere off the beaten track.


I prefer to take my vacation in winter because it is the coolest time of the year in my country, which makes it perfect for spending time outside, doing sightseeing and visiting places.


以上就是2019年1月雅思口语新题范文之public holiday的全部内容,本文中的范文分别以春节和国庆节作为对象,对中国人民度过春节和国庆节的方式和文化习俗进行了描写。无论我们选择哪一个公共假日,都可以按照上述的描述的思路进行复制,描述假日那天的吃食,习俗等。